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Dixie County Tobacco Prevention Specialist Receives Recognition from the Dixie County Chamber of Commerce
February 25, 2013

On February 19, 2013, The Dixie County Chamber of Commerce (DCCC) presented Dixie County Tobacco Prevention Specialist Melanie with a “Special Recognition” Award for her local work on tobacco prevention.

The Award was presented by Carol West of the DCCC.  “The recipient of this Special Recognition award was a unanimous vote by the committee of the Dixie Chamber,” said Mrs. West.  “As a former school substitute teacher and counselor, it is obvious that (Melanie) has a passion is for our youth, and in particular building leadership skills for their future.  Over three years ago she joined Quit Doc and has been a faithful servant for tobacco education, prevention and community outreach in Dixie and Gilchrist counties.  She has helped make tremendous strides in reducing youth tobacco use, has been a champion at Dixie County High School, managing one of the largest SWAT (Students Working Against Tobacco) clubs in the entire state.”

Mrs. Anderson was surprised to receive such recognition.  "I was very much honored to receive this Special Recognition from the Dixie County Chamber of Commerce,” added Mrs. Anderson.  “The members of the DCCC have been big supporters of the Dixie County Tobacco Free Partnership and the Dixie County SWAT clubs.  I look forward to working with the DCCC in the next year to create a healthier community in Dixie County."

Melanie Anderson Award

Carol West was extremely delighted that Mrs. Anderson would be continuing her role as the Tobacco Prevention Specialist in Dixie County.  “Through her leadership, I see confidence instilled in our students, which propels them to undertake and succeed at things they never thought possible. They have made presentations to the County Commission and City Council, met with our new Congressman, all to push for legislation to protect their fellow students from the harms of tobacco. Her leadership skills and rapport have led the dynamic youth of Dixie County to be some of the best and most pro-active students in the state.” 

“She continues to display a business-friendly interest in our Chamber goals,” added Mrs. West, “and we are certain she will continue planting good seeds and protecting the health of our students and our community at every opportunity available.”