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Dixie County High School Students Working Against Tobacco Share Information on Spit Tobacco During Through With Chew Week

The Dixie County High School Students Working Against Tobacco (DCHS SWAT) held two events during the “Through With Chew Week” highlighting spit tobacco and candy flavored tobacco. 

The DCHS SWAT arranged information booths at both JV and Varsity Baseball Games and Softball Games.  The booths contained information about how big tobacco targets youth by advertising spit tobacco and candy flavored tobacco at local gas stations close to the high school.  Students and parents were able to view the information at the booth including a tri-fold that has pictures of spit tobacco users who have been diagnosed with cancer due to their tobacco use. 


Each of the coaches and players visited the SWAT booth and shared the information with their family and friends that attended the game.  There was a great amount of talk about the social norm between baseball and spit tobacco.  Several of the coaches remember the influences that their high school baseball coaches had on them.  They remember the coaches that used spit tobacco and how they did not learn about the dangers of spit tobacco until they were much older.

The visitors at the games were also able to see the SWAT booth and took some pamphlets on second hand smoke, and cessation information. 


These events were designed by the SWAT youth as an opportunity to present the anti-spit tobacco message to adults and parents that have a great influence on the youth in Dixie County.  Both the Softball and Baseball teams were very receptive to the information and really enjoyed having the support of the SWAT club at their games.

Sarah Hurst, DCHS SWAT president noted that “many of the visitors at the booth were asking for information to take home to other family members”.  Through with Chew Week in Dixie County was a great success in that it highlighted the need for more education and prevention to combat the long standing acceptance of spit tobacco.