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Tobacco Free Partnerships in both Dixie and Gilchrist Counties Help Local Health Departments with New Tobacco Free Grounds Policies.
By Melanie Anderson and Tracy DeCubellis, November 21 , 2013

Secondhand smoke is a well-known health hazard, and many businesses and community organizations have created smoke-free zones to protect customers and children from the negative health impacts associated with secondhand smoke exposure. 

Not as much is known about the impact of e-cigarette vapor exposure, or what is contained in the clouds of smoke-like vapor emitted from people using the nicotine delivery devices.  Since it took decades for the Surgeon General and other public health advocates to conclude that secondhand smoke is very hazardous to non-smokers who passively smoke through no choice of their own, some businesses and organizations recognize that their customers and clients need to be protected from the unknown potential negative health impacts of e-cigarette vapors.

In September the Dixie County and Gilchrist County Tobacco Free Partnerships were contacted by Barbara Locke, RN, MPH, who is the County Health Department Administrator for both counties.  Mrs. Locke was seeking assistance in promoting smoke-free grounds at both health departments.

During meetings of the Tobacco Free Partnerships in both counties, Mrs. Locke requested assistance from the partners to get “no smoking - no vaping” signs posted at both local health departments.  The Dixie County and Gilchrist County Tobacco Free Partnerships voted to purchase the signs for the local County Health Departments. 

New Signs

Once the signs were designed, a member of the Tobacco Free Partnership of Dixie County made a request from the Dixie County Manager to post “no smoking - no vaping” signs on the county property around the Dixie County Health Department.  Mike Cassidy, County Manger, approved the request and made the commitment to post the signs once they were made.  Gilchrist County also made a similar request through their county offices.

Cessation information was also made available to both County Health Departments for any employees who use tobacco and may be impacted by this policy change.  Both Tobacco Free Partnerships are also working to provide additional information to community members who are also impacted by the tobacco policy and need cessation assistance in the future.

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