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Tobacco Free Partnership of Dixie County Welcomes a New Leadership Team
December 5, 2013

After three years of serving as the Co-Chair of the Dixie County Tobacco Free Partnership, Carol West has decided to step down.  Mrs. West has been a very strong advocate against big tobacco and how it targets the youth of Dixie County. 

Mrs. West is still very committed to being a member of the partnership, and with her strength in influencing local decision makers the partnership will continue to benefit from her service.  Mrs. West will also continue to work with the Dixie Education Foundation and the Suwannee Chamber of Commerce. 

During the Partnership meeting of September 25, 2013, Carol West and Partnership Chair Charlotte Lord nominated Jovante' Teague as a candidate for the co-chair position for the partnership.  Mrs. West had recommended the younger partnership member to replace her because she knew that he would be a great voice for the partnership. The members discussed waiting until the next quarterly meeting to give Jovante' time to consider the position and to arrange his school and work schedule so that he can be available for all of the partnership meeting and most of the community events. During the most recent Partnership meeting on December 5, 2013, the members voted Jovante' in as the co-chair.

Teague and Whittington
Jovante' Teague and Dixie County SWAT Advisor Lindsey Whittington

Jovante' Teague is 19 years old, and is attending Florida Gateway College. He is working on his AA degree in Political Science and Education. While attending Dixie County High School, Jovante' was a SWAT member but was not an officer because he was so busy with the many clubs.  When questioned about his motives for becoming the partnership co-chair, Jovante said that he was excited about the opportunity to continue working with the students of DCHS while spreading the anti-tobacco message. This is a cause that has always been close to his heart as he is aware that Dixie County has a very high cancer rate and he has had loved ones affected by tobacco use.

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