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Dixie County SWAT Students Create a SWAT Recruitment Campaign on WZCC Radio
April 29, 2014

Three of the Dixie County High School Students Working Against Tobacco (SWAT) members participated in a recording session at the Cross City studio for SunCoast Radio Inc., WZCC-1240 AM Cross City, 93.3 FM.

The SWAT members recorded four different spots for SWAT recruitment for the two Dixie County SWAT clubs.  Sarah Hurst, SWAT President, Stephen Quaka, and Elizabeth Nunez worked with Mr. John Elliott of SunCoast to record the spots so that the messages were clear and strong.

Sarah Hurst at WZCC
Sarah Hurst recording at WZCC Radio.

One of the spots focused on a May Days Campaign highlighting how Big Tobacco targeted veterans in the past that lead to
the highest smoking rates in our country. 
Now big tobacco is targeting our youth.

The other three spots encourage teens to
stand up to Big Tobacco, and not become a replacement customer for the 88 Floridians
that die every day from their tobacco use.
The spots focused on modern tactics used by Big Tobacco to recruit teens, including e-cigarettes, spit tobacco and flavored tobacco products.

The Dixie County SWAT clubs also invited the teens of Dixie County to support their efforts
to prevent teenage tobacco use by joining Students Working Against Tobacco at their schools.

Steven Quaka at WZCC Radio
Stephen Quaka at the microphone.

To become a SWAT member students at Dixie County High School can contact Lindsey Whittington, SWAT Advisor; students at Ruth Rains Middle School can contact Mr. Richard Whittington, SWAT Advisor.

For additional information on the SWAT Program in Dixie County, contact Melanie Anderson at