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Dixie County High School SWAT Club Celebrates World No Tobacco Day by "Dunking the Dip"
May 20 , 2014

The Dixie County High School Students Working Against Tobacco (SWAT) club conducted an event for World No Tobacco Day on the Dixie County High School campus.  The focus of World No Tobacco Day for Dixie County High School SWAT was “Dunk the Dip and Dip the Butts”.

Every student at Dixie County High School attended, observed and/or participated in the events.  A dunking booth was used to attract the students to information displayed near the booth. Fifteen teachers, staff and administrators were active participants during the event. 

Steven Quaka, a SWAT Officer, read off tobacco facts and World No Tobacco Day information over the loud speakers.    Sarah Hurst, Todd Pinner, Elizabeth Nunez and SWAT Advisor Lindsey Whittington all volunteered to be dunked in the dunking booth. 

All students that were interested in being in SWAT during the next school year signed a poster board to build excited about working in tobacco prevention. 

This was a great opportunity for SWAT recruitment, twenty-nine students signed up to join SWAT for the next school year!

For more information on the SWAT Program in Dixie County, Contact Melanie Anderson at

Steven Quaka

Dunk Tank Signs

Sarah Hurst

SWAT Recruitment