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Dixie County Students Working Against Tobacco (SWAT) Celebrate Kick Butts Day!
March 20 , 2015

The Dixie County SWAT clubs held three different events in honor of the annual Kick Butts Day 2015.  Each event highlighted the fact that tobacco kills 1,300 Americans every single day and that tobacco companies aggressively market tobacco products towards teens specifically to replace the customers who die.  These events were held to empower the youth of Dixie County to stand up to big tobacco and declare that they are #NotAReplacement.


At the Dixie County High School, the SWAT youth set up an information booth during both lunch breaks where every student was able to view and learn about how big tobacco targets them and how they can join the efforts to advocate against tobacco addiction.  Students voluntarily signed a #NotAReplacement Selfie Statement.  Each student personalized their statement with a description of who they are and/or what they represent.  Many students shared a selfie picture holding their statements on their favorite social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  This was a great event at Dixie County High School because so many students learned about the SWAT club and how to talk to their peers and siblings about tobacco addiction.


Ruth Rains Middle School SWAT club also held an event at a combined softball and baseball game after school.  Students, youth, family and visitors had an opportunity to learn about Kick Butts Day, and the need to take tobacco out of the ball parks.  Students from Ruth Rains and from the competitions (Trenton Middle School) signed the #NotAReplacement Selfies and were encouraged to share on their own social media cites but reminded that they need parental consent.  Many of the parents were happy to see the SWAT program at Ruth Rains and many requested information on how they can get help for a family member to quit smoking or dipping. 


The Dixie County SWAT conducted another Kick Butts Day event at the Character Community Services, Inc. in Cross City.  This activity was to address the students at the Charter Community School.  The students at the Charter school have not had the opportunity to participate in Tobacco Free Holiday events or to be a part of a SWAT club in the past few years.  These students were shocked to learn about how tobacco retailers advertise tobacco products with flavors that attract kids.  The students at the Charter School were excited to participate in the #NotAReplacement program and wanted more information to take home to share with their families.  The director of the Charter Community Services requested information about forming a Community SWAT club so that the students can become advocates against tobacco.

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