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Dixie County High School SWAT President Joshua Aneudy Diaz

May 1, 2015

The Dixie County High School SWAT President, Joshua Aneudy Diaz will be graduating high school in May. 

Josh has been a member of SWAT since 6th grade at Ruth Rains Middle School.  Josh has served as an officer at the Dixie County High School for the past three years as reporter, junior representative, and current president.  Josh has been an active member of the Tobacco Free Partnership of Dixie County.

Ms. Lindsey Whittington, the SWAT Advisor at the high school shared that Josh has learned leadership skills through SWAT and it has shown in the many activities that he has participated in throughout the years.  He is a very dependable SWAT member and the first to give input and to speak to decision makers.  Through SWAT, Josh had become aware of the dangers of tobacco and it became close to his heart as he worked towards helping members of his family to become tobacco free. “Josh was really proud of the hookah presentation that he did as SWAT at the beginning of the school year, added Ms. Whittington. "He was also a part of the group of SWAT that presented to the County Commissioners before they passed the e-cigarette ordinance last year.”

Joshua Aneudy Diaz

Josh has also been in advanced placement courses, currently enrolled in an EMT Course working on his certificate.  Josh works at a local restaurant and a member of the Superintendents Cabinet.  After graduating from high school, Josh plans to attend Santa Fe College in Gainesville, Florida, with a goal to finish as a paramedic and then bridge over to Registered Nurse. According to Josh, his career in the health field and his leadership skills were supported through the many experiences he had working with SWAT. 

Some of Josh’s greatest memories of his time is SWAT include presenting on flavored tobacco to then Congressman-Elect Ted Yoho, presenting to the county commissioner and to students at Old Town Elementary.  Josh was especially proud to represent the Dixie County SWAT clubs at the 2014 Region 2 SWAT Training.

Josh looks forward to continuing his work in tobacco prevention and plans to be a part of the Tobacco Free Partnership of Dixie County as he furthers his career.