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Character Community School Starts a New Students Working Against Tobacco Club
August 26, 2015

The Character Community School has joined the Dixie County SWAT Chapter for the 2015-16 School year. 

Mrs. Johnnie Grimes, the CCS Administrator, has been active in participating in tobacco free holidays such as Kick Butts Day prior to joining SWAT.  Last school year her students made selfie statements in the, “I’m Not a Replacement” Campaign. 

Mrs. Johnnie started the CCS two years ago when she realized that there was a need in Dixie County for school choice for a very diverse population of students.  The school provides small classes with more one-on-one educational experiences. 


Mrs. Johnnie wanted the students to not only receive a well-developed education she also wanted each student to learn about health issues that will help them in their future.  The tobacco use issue is one that Mrs. Johnnie has always wanted to address with the students to help them become advocates for them and their family members. 

20 students plan to join the Character Community SWAT club this year, they are very excited to participate in more Tobacco Free Holidays and community events.  The CCS SWAT Club will also become members of the Tobacco Free Partnership of Dixie County and give quarterly reports to the partners on the many activities that the club has participated within the community.

The school’s mascot is a Lion that represents Courage and Strength.  That is how she would like to see the students take on the tobacco issue, with courage to go against the social norm and with strength to inform their peers and family members about how big tobacco targets them. 

The Dixie County High School and the Ruth Rains Middle School SWAT clubs are very excited to have the CCS SWAT club join their efforts this year to advocate with a diverse population on the need for tobacco prevention and to change the social norms as we work towards a tobacco free county.

For more information on the Dixie County SWAT Chapter, contact Melanie Anderson at