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Meet Angie Land, Co-Chair of the Tobacco Free Partnership of Dixie County!
September 24, 2015

Angie Land



The Tobacco Free Partnership of Dixie County has begun the 2015-16 year with several great changes.  Jovonte Teague, the previous co-chair has been elected to become the Chair.  His dedication to the partnership has been very valuable with his support towards policy changes in Cross City and Dixie County.  The partnership also voted Mrs. Angie Land as the new co-chair. 

A lifelong resident, Angie Land loves Dixie County and is active in many areas of the community. Dixie County is “home” and where she and her husband Alton met, married and have raised all four of their children.

From the days of being a cheerleader at Dixie County High School to currently serving her community, Angie has been cheering for “Dixie” all of her life.

Angie holds a BS Degree from Liberty University in Religion/Christian Counseling. She works as the Family Life Director for Lafayette Baptist Association, serving as a family and marriage counselor for Dixie, Lafayette, Gilchrist and surrounding counties. She also works with the Dixie County Anti-Drug Coalition as a Project Coordinator, serves as the EMS Chaplain coordinator and serves on numerous boards of community organizations. She also authors a weekly newspaper column called “Heart Matters” carried by several newspapers in North Central Florida.

The tobacco issue is important to Angie because she has watched many friends and family suffer from the effects of smoking and smokeless tobacco, such as COPD and lung cancer. She believes the next generation doesn’t have to suffer from tobacco related illnesses if we help them make the decision to never start using tobacco. By serving with the Partnership, she hopes to help that become a reality for the youth in Dixie County.

The Tobacco Free Partnership welcomes Mrs. Angie Land as the co-chair. If you share Angie's vision of a tobacco free generation, consider joining the Tobacco Free Partnership of Dixie County. For more information, contact the Partnership facilitator, Melanie Anderson, at