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Dixie County Students Working Against Tobacco Wrap Up a Busy Year!
June 5, 2017

The Dixie County SWAT clubs have had a very active school year with lots of prevention activities and promotion of policy changes.  Each club continues to grow in experience and membership. 

Tobacco Free Partnership Youth Representatives

The Tobacco Free Partnership of Dixie County presented Certificates of Appreciation to the 2016-17 Youth members for contribution to tobacco prevention and policy work in Dixie County. Lora Beth Cooper, Brianna Yawn, Emily Sellers, Honey Kastala, Christa Marchant, Anna Whiddon, Ben Hays, Brendon Gillette, Daniel Bennett, Kentrell Hall and Margaret Vocar received the certificates.  Each youth member of the partnership are also Dixie County SWAT officers.  The youth have been a very important part of the partnership this year by presenting to the Cross City Rotary, asking the County Commissioners for a Through with Chew Week Proclamation, by participating in Tobacco Free National Observances, by attending and assisting in a training on Point of Sale in Dixie County and by continuing to attend and actively participating in the partnership. 

Dixie County High School SWAT Club

The Dixie County High School SWAT Advisor, Lindsey Whittingon has been an advisor for the past five years.  During the Tobacco Free Partnership meeting, she announced that she will be stepping down as the SWAT Advisor for the next school year.  Lindsey has finished her Master’s Degree in Education Leadership and plans to further her career as an administrator.  Lindsey did share that no matter what position or what school district she ends up working, she will continue to promote SWAT and tobacco prevention programs.  Lindsey recommend that the partnership consider Mrs. Judy Summerall (a teacher at the DCHS) to become the next SWAT Advisor. Mrs. Judy has been a member of the Tobacco Free Partnership and she has hosted the meetings at the Dixie County Library. 

Ruth Rains Middle School SWAT Club

The Ruth Rains Middle School SWAT club held a booth at several of the RRMS baseball games to share information on tobacco prevention, National Tobacco Control Observances and SWAT recruitment. At the end of the school year, the SWAT officers participated in an annual Middle School Dance.  The SWAT club set up a table at the dance to share information on SWAT and tobacco.  Tobacco facts were read out by the DJ between songs so that attendees could learn about the dangers of tobacco. The SWAT Advisor, Richard Whittington and two youth will be attending the June 9-11 Statewide SWAT Meeting Lake Yale, Fl. During the Statewide SWAT meeting, Mr. Whittington and the SWAT youth will be able to participate in sessions such as Decoding ENDS, Emerging Products, Communications skills and other tobacco and youth leadership topics.  Mr. Whittington will participate in an adult track that will allow him to learn about advocacy, building capacity, conducting events and recruitment of SWAT youth.  All of the learning opportunities will be brought back to Dixie County to share with other SWAT youth and advisors.  

Character Community SWAT Club

Charter Community SWAT Advisor, Mrs. Johnnie Grimes, reports that the club plans to continue to be a active in the 2017-18 school year and hope to grow as a club working in the community. The CCSC plans to work on tobacco litter at county and city owned parks and recreation areas in their communities.  Many events to build support towards tobacco free parks will be presented to decision makers in the 2017-18 school year. 

For more information on the Students Working Against Tobacco Program in Dixie County, contact Tobacco Prevention Specialist Melanie Anderson at