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Dixie County High School SWAT holds Through With Chew Week Event
February 22, 2019

The Dixie County High School SWAT held the annual Through With Chew Week event at the Dixie County High School lunch room during both high school lunches.  Every DCHS Student was able to participate in the event.

13.5% of Dixie County Youth use Smokeless Tobacco, much higher than the State Average at 1.7%. The DCHS SWAT is working to decrease that number by sharing with students about smokeless tobacco facts and how big tobacco targets them for future customers.

The DCHS SWAT created two “cans” one of dip and the other chew because they are the most common terms used by smokeless tobacco users at the school. The “Cans” were actually wood chips designed to look like loose tobacco and they hid smokeless tobacco facts in one can.  Some of the smokeless tobacco facts included:

The other can had candy Suckers in the mulch. The SWAT youth talked about why they put candy flavors in the dip. Most students didn’t know that the candy, or fruit flavored smokeless tobacco had a lower level of consumable nicotine than the non-flavored or mint flavored smokeless tobacco.  This is designed by the tobacco industry as starter products for new users so that they have a more pleasant first experience with smokeless tobacco.  Flavors are also used to attract kids to use their products.

Students put their hands into "Dip" to see what they get or what is in dip. This was a great experience for many of the DCHS Students because they shared that they did learn from their peers about tobacco prevention and cessation.

For more indormation on the SWAT Program in Dixie County, please contact Melanie Anderson at