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Tobacco-Free Rodeo Policy in Dixie County
By Melanie Anderson
March 20, 2019

The Dixie Horseman’s Association (DHA) is a non-profit corporation based in Cross City, Florida since 1992 that holds many rodeos, roping’s, pageant and other community events at the Cross City Rodeo Arena.  Youth of all ages participate in these events.  The current president of the DHA shared the need to adopt a tobacco free venue policy to help assist with the need to promote family, health and sports.  Tobacco Free events and venues help reduce the social acceptability of tobacco use.

Based on the 2018 Florida Youth Tobacco Survey, 13.5% of Dixie County Youth (11-17) report to be current users of smokeless tobacco and 31.1% of Dixie County Youth currently use some form of tobacco.  The social acceptance of tobacco use begins at a young age.  Studies show that youth are influenced by tobacco use in sports. By addressing the tobacco use at the rodeo arena, the social norm between tobacco use and rodeos can be removed in Dixie County.

Proposed signage to promote the new tobacco-free policy.

The DHA and the Tobacco Free Partnership of Dixie County are working on a policy to establish a tobacco-free environment for Dixie Horseman’s Rodeo Arena. 

A tobacco free venue policy needs to include:

By creating a tobacco-free venue at the DHA Rodeo Arena, the Dixie County youth and parents will have more opportunities to attend tobacco free sports events to promote health, family and sports. If you would like to join the Tobacco Free Partnership of Dixie County as they promote more tobacco-free venues and events, contact Melanie Anderson, Tobacco Prevention Specialist at