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Dixie County Schools Provide Information on Quitting Tobacco During the Annual Great American Smokeout
November 21, 2019

On November 21, 2019 the Tobacco Free Partnership of Dixie County and the Dixie County SWAT encouraged Dixie County to use Tobacco Free Florida’s free tools and services to make a plan to quit smoking for the American Cancer Society’s 44th annual Great American Smokeout.

Tobacco Free Florida aims to educate Floridians on the various free quit resources available in the state and support them through the process – on the Great American Smokeout and year-round. The Tobacco Free Partnership of Dixie County promoted the event by sharing GASO print materials (posters and palm cards) with the Dixie County School Administrators and Employees.

Most adult cigarette smokers say that they want to quit, but quitting smoking is hard and may require several attempts. Creating a quit plan and using proven-effective resources, like Tobacco Free Florida, can significantly increase your chances of quitting smoking for good. Smokers can and do quit smoking. In fact, today there are more former smokers than current smokers in Florida.

The Palm Cards that were shared at the Dixie County Schools, were a reminder that quitting smoking is quitting nicotine. The Dixie County High School SWAT shared with many teachers and administrators the need to add Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (Vaping, E-Cigs, Pods, Juul’s, etc.) to the Dixie County School Board Policy on tobacco use. 

Tobacco Free Florida’s Quit Your Way program offers free Phone Quit, Group Quit and Web Quit services, in addition to individual tools like texting support, a Quit Guide and helpful emails. Free nicotine replacement therapy – nicotine patches, gum or lozenges – are available to tobacco users who are 18 or older, if medically appropriate.