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Students Working Against Tobacco (SWAT) Members Celebrate Not a Lab Rat Day!
October 24, 2020

The Dixie County SWAT Youth held the third annual Not A Lab Rat Day on October 24 during the Cross City Community Fall Festival.  This Festival was sponsored by the Town of Cross City as a community outreach and was advertised as a tobacco free event.  The SWAT used this event to educating on the potential dangers of disposable e-cigarettes. SWAT is encouraging their peers to protect themselves and future generations from nicotine addiction by fighting back against the industries.

Not A Lab Rat Day has empowered youth statewide to stand up and declare that they refuse to be Big Tobacco’s “lab rats” as we discover the long-term health effects of e-cigarettes. The Dixie County SWAT youth set up a booth and dressed up as a “mad Scientist” and a cute “Rat” to encourage the youth that attended the Festival to stop to see the displays and for the SWAT youth to give them and their parents information on Vaping/e-Cigarettes and all nicotine delivery devices. 

The event turned out to be a great opportunity to encourage more youth in Dixie County to join SWAT and to promote tobacco free community events.  The assistant mayor of Cross City, Jovante’ Teague, was very proud of the SWAT Youth and reported “They kept folks very engaged”.  He was thankful that the SWAT youth participated in the community event. 

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