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Local Tobacco Prevention Issues Discussed at Recent Legislative Delegation Meeting
January 7, 2021

On January 7, 2021 the Tobacco Free Partnership of Dixie County, the Tobacco Prevention Specialist and two Dixie County High School SWAT youth attended the Dixie Legislative Delegation Hearing to speak to the State Senator Jennifer Bradley and the State Representative for Region 21, Chuck Clemons at the Dixie County Court House to present SWAT and partnership objectives and successes.

Students Working Against Tobacco, or SWAT, is a youth advocacy group that promotes leadership and community involvement to empower young people to work towards a nicotine-free future.  All three SWAT clubs in Dixie County work side-by-side with adults from the local Tobacco-Free Partnership of Dixie County, a diverse group of community partners, to promote nicotine-free social norms through education, advocacy, and policy change to prevent usage of tobacco products by youth and young adults.  

Many of the Dixie County SWAT events are held during National Tobacco Control Observances such as “Through with Chew Week” and “The Great American Smoke-Out”.  Other events focus on state tobacco control observances such as “Not a Lab Rat Day” and “The Take Down Tobacco National Day of Action 2021”.  These events are used to encourage cessation attempts, to promote prevention and to increase support towards tobacco control policies in Dixie County.  

The Tobacco Free Partnership of Dixie County and the Tobacco Prevention Specialist, Melanie Anderson, shared the amazing support from the Dixie County Commissioners, the Dixie County School Board Members and the Town of Cross City Council Members.  Each elected official has allowed the partnership and SWAT youth to educate them on tobacco prevention policies that help tobacco prevention and nicotine addiction. 

The Tobacco Free Partnership of Dixie County, the Tobacco Prevention Specialist and the Dixie County SWAT clubs would like to thank Senator Bradley and Representative Clemons for conducting the Legislative Delegation in Dixie County and for their continued support.