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Dixie County Welcomes Flex, Our New Drug Detection K-9 Officer!
March 15, 2021

Dixie County High School SWAT President, Desiree Barshay, interviewed Kyle Schultz, the Dixie County High School Criminal Justice Instructor to learn more about the new K-9 named Flex. Flex is a 15-month-old Belgium Malinois German Shepard Mix. He was imported from Europe in November.

Before reaching Schultz, Flex underwent a 6-week process where he was first evaluated by CRK9 in Ocala, Florida. This is called TESTING in the dog world. Everything about the dog’s personality is tested, including his ability to learn, willingness to work, temperament, and social skills.  These were just a few things observed during this period. Think of it like a Doggy physiological evaluation.


Once he passed that test, he was selected to begin imprinting on of odors, which is an additional 12-week course. This means the dog is learning what we want him to hunt for. The odors he has been imprinted on are:

      • Marijuana
      • Methamphetamine
      • Cocaine
      • Heroine
      • MDMA/ Ecstasy
      • Hemp
      • CBD
      • Alcohol
      • Nicotine
      • Firearms
Flex has also undergone a 6-week tracking course which was foundational and that means he’s new to tracking people.

Since graduating those courses. Flex was given to Schultz to finalize his training.
Over the next 12 weeks he will go through obedience training. Which will finalize Flex’s training.

“Flex will be at the school 5 days a week enforcing the school’s guidelines. Flex and I will be searching 5 classrooms a day. Our plan is to do this with all the schools within Dixie County.” Schultz reported. 

The Dixie County School Board and the Dixie County High School Principal were very excited to have Flex protecting the Dixie County youth and to prevent addiction to nicotine, tobacco, drugs and to protect students’ safety and health.