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Meet Amanda NesSmith, The Co-Chair of the Tobacco Free Partnership of Dixie County!
September 22, 2022

The Tobacco Free Partnership of Dixie County Co-Chair, Amanda NesSmith has committed to continue serving in her position as co-chair for the second year.  Amanda grew up in Dixie County and has served in the Florida Army National Guard for 20 years and continues in Recruiting & Retention for the Guard.  Amanda is married with two kids in Dixie County Schools.  She was recently elected to fill the Dixie County School Board District 2 seat.  Her commitment to the Dixie County is shown throughout her years and continues through the partnership. 

Amada shares that tobacco addiction has affected many members of her family and their health conditions due to smoking cigarettes include heart attack and COPD.  Amanda has family members who have quit smoking and ones who would like to quit but battle the addiction.  Amanda joined the Tobacco Free Partnership with hopes to promote the Tobacco Free Florida Cessation Programs in the community, but she also shares a strong need to work on tobacco prevention.

Amanda's daughter in the middle school has already reported exposure to vaping in the bathrooms at the school.  Educating the community on the Vaping Epidemic and promoting tobacco/nicotine free polices in Dixie County is a goal of the Tobacco Free Partnership. 

In June, Governor DeSantis signed HB105, that will allow counties and municipalities to regulate smoking and vaping within public beaches and parks.  Until this bill, Dixie County and Town of Cross City could only pass Resolutions, but the goal of the partnership is to promote adoption of Ordinances and signage that will prohibit smoking cigarettes and vaping from parks and beaches in Dixie County and the Town of Cross City Parks.  This is a policy area that Amanda is very interested in working on in the partnership.  These parks and beaches are locations that are used mostly by families and kids.  This policy could prevent second hand smoke which is often a trigger that prevents smokers form having a successful quit attempt.  This would also promote a tobacco free, healthy lifestyle for Dixie County.

Thank you, Amanda to your commitment as the Tobacco Free Partnership of Dixie County Co-Chair!