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Dixie County SWAT Members Conduct Clean-Up at Waldo Park
February 24, 2023

On Friday, February 24 at 3:00 p.m., the Tobacco Free Partnership of Dixie County and the Dixie County High School SWAT Club conducted a city park clean-up Waldo Park, 1950 NE 389th Ave, Old Town, referred as “Spillers Park”.  Waldo Park is owned by Dixie County. Five SWAT youth, Lola Butler, the Partnership Chair, Melanie Anderson, the Tobacco Free Florida Provider/QuitDoc, Kody Latham, the Prevention Specialist for the Henley Foundation and a guest conducted the clean-up.

This park was recommended by the youth representatives at the February Partnership Meeting because it is maintained by the county and it is in a very rural area.  Many of them reported family events and birthday being held at this park.  When the park clean-up began, the park manager, that lives on the park property was present but was not interested in assisting due to his own smoking addiction.

Even though the park seemed very clean of all litter as they began the clean-up, it did not take long to find many cigarette butts around the picnic areas, near the swings, and in the parking area.  A clear plastic bag was filled with the butts gathered.  This county park has a playground area, with 10 covered picnic tables. There was not any “No Smoking” signs anywhere at the park.


  After this park clean up, the Tobacco Free Partnership Chair, Lola Butler, Co-Chair, Amanda NesSmith and the Tobacco Free Florida Provider, Melanie Anderson, met with Dixie County District 4 County Commissioner, Jamie Storey, and shared the information gathered during the clean ups and information about the need for the County Commissioners to adopt a Tobacco Free Parks and Beaches policy.  Mr. Storey committed to be a champion for this policy and recommended that they present at the March County Commissioners Meeting.     

The Tobacco Free Partnership of Dixie County and the SWAT youth of Dixie County look forward to sharing the information gathered during this event and to share it with county and town decision makers with hopes of adoption of smoke and vape free parks and beaches ordinances.