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Meet Our Newest Students Working Against Tobacco (SWAT) Advisor, Ms. Jordan Butler!
August 24, 2023

In July, Mr. Richard Whittington, the Ruth Rains Middle School SWAT Advisor for the past 10 years, announced his retirement from Ruth Rains Middle School. Mr. Whittington has chaperoned many of the Regional SWAT Trainings, he has maintained an active SWAT club, participated in Park Clean-Ups, attended the Cross City Fly-In and Business Expo for five years where he assisted with the SWAT booth and so much more.  The entire Tobacco Free Partnership of Dixie County wants to thank Mr. Whittington for his commitment to the health of the youth in Dixie County and promoting youth empowerment. 

Mr. Whittington's departure left some mighty big shoes to fill!


Fortunately, Ms. Jordan Butler has stepped up to become the Ruth Rains Middle School SWAT Advisor. While a student at Dixie County High School, Jordan was a SWAT member for all four years, and she served as an officer for each year and President for her senior year.  Her second year of teaching, Jordan is a 5th grade ELA teacher at Ruth Rains Middle School. 

Ms. Butler shared that she wanted to be the SWAT Advisor to advocate for youth, promoting the importance of protecting and informing youth and the community of the dangers of using tobacco products.  During the June Statewide SWAT Training, Jordan chaperoned two SWAT youth for four days and three nights, where she attended the advisors training sessions.  Jordan is already planning a “Not A Lab Rat” event in October with the SWAT youth and will continue to grow active participation of the students at Ruth Rains Middle School.


We look forward to having Ms Butler inspire the next generation of Dixie County Youth to stay tobacco and vape free!