Dixie County High School SWAT

The Dixie County High School SWAT club has another exciting and busy year planned. 
With a new SWAT Advisor, Mrs. Lindsey Whittington, the DCHS Media Specialist and many new officers, the club is already planning several great anti-tobacco events.  All of the SWAT officers have joined the Dixie County Tobacco Free Partnership Sub-Committee on Retail Tobacco Advertising.  The club has adopted this policy change as a major goal for this year.
The officers noted that all but one of the Tobacco Retailers in Dixie County use outdoor tobacco advertising and advertising at child eye level. They have already teamed up with the AP Language Arts teacher to work on a project using photos from local tobacco retail advertisements to explore how the tobacco companies use advertising techniques to target children and the youth of Dixie County. 
This information will be shared with local decision makers to ask for policy change in the stores and in the county.  This promises to be another successful year for the Dixie County High School SWAT club.

 All of the members are very excited and look forward to many more SWAT events throughout the year.

DCHS SWAT Officers

The Officers of the Dixie County High School SWAT Club:
From L to R: Josh Diaz, John Mash, Todd Pinner, Ashton Nail (Vice-President), David Gumbs,
Kendal Bush, Steven Quaka, Paije Decesare, Sarah Hurst (President), and Lindsey Whittington (SWAT Advisor)